22 Mar 2017

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08 Apr 2012

New Feature, More Efficiency | ShopKeep.com

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Quoted from http://www.shopkeep.com/blog/2012/02/04/newfeaturemoreefficiency:

New Feature, More Efficiency | ShopKeep.com – Web based point of sale for retail

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Announced in early January, ShopKeep’s new remote printing capability is being widely adopted.  While ShopKeep was at the National Retail Federation BIG Show January 16th and 17th, CEO Jason Richelson discussed the newest feature with the editor of Retail Reseller News.  Richelson said, “by putting remote printing in our iPad product, we’re adding an entirely new level of efficiency and functionality for customers in restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, retail, and other businesses,” noted Jason Richelson, CEO and Co-Founder of ShopKeep. “At peak times, for example, employees can now take orders from customers waiting in line using an iPad, and through wireless printing, merchants can instantly and efficiently relay orders to the kitchen or barista.”

Check out the rest of the Retail Reseller News here, and don’t forget to grab a remote printer for your store!

05 Jun 2011

3CX – Product Information Article

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3CX develops a full range of VoIP telephony software products. For more information on each product, or to download the full evaluation versions, click on the links below.

3CX Phone System for Windows

3CX Phone System for Windows is a software based PBX that replaces a traditional hardware PBX with an open standard, easily manageable IP PBX. It allows companies to cut call costs, PBX administration and increase productivity at the same time.


3CXPhone – VoIP Phone for Windows

3CXPhone is a free soft phone for Microsoft Windows. 3CXPhone has a smart phone like interface and is instantly recognizable to users. 3CXPhone includes all important business features and allows the use of headsets, making it a very economical and manageable alternative to IP hard phones. Save on electricity and hardware and administration!

OverviewFeaturesFree Download


See the entire article after the break.

01 Jan 2011

Free on-site consultation!!!

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As a new or prospective customer, you get a free on-site assessment of your network. This consultation will address all issues reported by your staff and any potential problems that we find during our initial assessment. Just some of our services are listed below:

  • IT Consulting
  • Network Design and Redesign
  • Network Support
  • Software Support
  • Telecommunications
  • Hardware Repair and Installation
  • Spyware and Virus Removal
  • Website Development
07 Mar 2010

Talking about IVR implementation – 5 things to consider

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Talking about IVR implementation – 5 things to consider | IVR Deconstructed

With years of experience implementing IVR systems for companies of all sizes there are a few considerations that any business should take to assure themselves optimal IVR deployment.

1. Consider your audience

While this one seems obvious, it is to your advantage to review your recent history of customer inquiries for the most common problems callers have. In addition, you should be looking for opportunities to answer common follow-up questions with your navigation offerings. Read more

18 Jan 2010

Join Us…

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15 Jan 2010

Talking about Silverstat7 Zigbee-packin’ thermostat to debut this fall for $600?

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Talking about Silverstat7 Zigbee-packin’ thermostat to debut this fall for $600? — Engadget

 Silverstat7 Zigbee-packin’ thermostat to debut this fall for $600? By Joseph L. Flatley posted Jan 15th 2010 11:59AM Every day it seems that companies are finding better ways to keep an eye on the non-renewable resources we’re sucking down to enable our voracious appetite for Xbox gaming and Hulu viewing. Not that we’re complaining! And now, thanks to a gracious tipster, we’ve received some deets on that Silverstat7 home energy management solution (er, touchscreen thermostat) we first hepped you to a couple days ago. Along with 802.11g WiFi, this guy supports the Zigbee and Zwave protocols (as you probably guessed), so it should be able to play nicely with your existing smart meter, switches and outlets. Earlier reports of a June 2010 release date may have been premature — look for it this fall for about $600 MSRP. [Thanks, Tony L.]

17 Dec 2009

Microsoft Security Essentials

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Microsoft Security EssentialsNow you can work—and play—on your PC more safely. With Microsoft® Security Essentials, it’s easy to help protect your PC from viruses, spyware, and other malicious software for FREE* with the same award-winning technology used by millions of consumer and enterprise PCs around the world.

* Microsoft Security Essentials is available at no charge for customers who are verified to have a copy of genuine Windows in select countries. No registration or personal information is required, only automatic verification of your genuine Windows installation.

Security for greater ease of mind

•Real-time protection helps detect and respond to new threats before they infect your PC.
•Tested and certified by independent experts.
•Backed by Microsoft global malware response resources.

Easy to get, easy to use

•FREE for use on genuine Windows® licensed PCs.
•Installs quickly and easily with no registration process or personal information required.
•Easy-to-understand PC security status and single-click actions against identified threats.
•Automatically updates with the latest security technology; no annual renewal fees.

Doesn’t get in the way

•Works quietly in the background to help protect your PC with minimal interruption.
•Smart resource utilization so there is less impact on PC performance.
•Designed to run effectively on limited resources—including netbooks and older PCs.

11 Dec 2009

Windows Software Based IP PBX

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3CX Phone System for Windows is a software-based IP PBX that replaces a proprietary hardware PBX / PABX. 3CX’s IP PBX has been developed specifically for Microsoft Windows and is based on the SIP standard – making it easier to manage and allowing you to use any SIP phone (software or hardware). A software-based IP PBX / PABX offers numerous benefits:

  • Easier to install & manage via web-based configuration interface
  • Far less expensive to purchase and expand than a hardware-based PBX / PABX
  • Improve productivity with presence, desktop based call control and extension management
  • No need for separate phone wiring – phones use computer network, easy hot desking!
  • Delivery mobility by allowing employees to work from home using a remote extension
  • Choose between popular IP hardware phones or softphones – no vendor lock in
  • Receive & Make calls via the standard PSTN using VOIP Gateways or cards
  • Save on monthly call costs using SIP trunks, VoIP providers or the Skype gateway!
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